Shorty – a conjuring rascal with a licence to fool (around).
It was on a snowy Monday night in May 1972, around 3am. In a barn somewhere in Switzerland a child was born. After 48 hours of aches and pains, the mother was overjoyed to have given birth to a healthy child. Her first question was: "What is it?" - And the donkey answered: "...a Shorty!"
And so began an incredible success story: At first a cry-baby, a pain to all teachers, a pimpled teenager and finally after ten years and equally as much jobs he found his designation, still remembering father's warnings: "Don't play the fool!"

He grew up to become a story telling, conjuring trickster with a licence to fool, you could call him a Natural Born Entertainer.
Phone: +41 79 769 93 14

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