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Which show is right for me?

For gala shows, weddings, corporate events and birthdays "Classic Shorty" is your best choice. "Classical Shorty" is a show to entertain all guests in almost any locality. You can easily combine it with "Close-Up Magic". "Classical Shorty" is the ideal mix between magic and comedy. Laughs and astonishment are guaranteed!
What is Close-Up Magic?

"Close-up Magic" happens right under your eyes, either at your dinner table, stand-up tables, in the midst of your guests. Shorty entertains your guests in small groups. He spends 3-4 minutes with each group performing magic with small items, such as coins, cards, etc.). He then moves to the next group or table. "Close-Up Magic" can be arranged for groups of 50 guests or more. Depending on the size of the group, Shorty will entertain each group up to three times.
What kind of infrastructure is needed (technical equipment, stage, …)?

Shorty can bring his own equipment, which is suitable for up to 120 people in banquet seating, or up to 250 people in theatre seating. The Equipment (movable stage and sound system) is free with your booking. The organizer is in any case responsible to cater for sufficient lighting for the show and for additional technical equipment, if the show takes place on larger stages.
Close-Up magic is possible in different surroundings and does not require special infrastructure. During the close-up show background music needs to be lowered to a reasonable level to allow conversation.
What is the ideal time span for "Classical Shorty"!

If you plan a private or corporate event, the best length for "Classical Shorty" is 20-40 minutes. It is not recommended to book Shorty's full theatre version. The ideal length for Children's shows is up to 40 minutes.
For close-Up magic, Shorty will move around the room and perform for your guests for about 60 minutes. All guests get the chance to enjoy his magic for 3-4 minutes each. Shorty will offer a maximum of three interludes per group.
If you book Shorty for a daily event, such as a fair or trade show, there is a maximum attendance time of 6 hours.
How much are Shorty's magic shows?

Yes, we offer special booking rates for cultural events and children's parties. We can also offer special rates outside the main booking seasons, or if you plan an event on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

Are there any special discounts?

Yes, we offer special booking rates for cultural events and children's parties. We can also offer special rates outside the main booking seasons, or if you plan an event on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

How much do you charge for an offer?

You are always welcome to send us an outline of your event and we will make you an offer tailored to your needs. You may also call Shorty by telephone and discuss details in person.
How much in advance do I need to book Shorty?

Whoever comes first, will enjoy Shorty's magic first. The earlier you book, the better. Please consider that special dates during the festive seasons are booked up to several months in advance. But do not hesitate to contact Shorty even at short notice. Just ring him up and ask, if a booking is still possible.
How long is the show?

"Classical Shorty" can be booked in one block of 30 minutes, one block of 40 minutes or in two blocks of 20 minutes each. You can extend his presence by combining his show "Classical Shorty" with his "Close-up Magic".
The financial details:

Shorty prefers to be paid in cash directly after the show. If you prefer to send cash payments, please make sure to balance your invoice at least five days before the show. Other options have to be discussed in person.
Where can Shorty perform his magic?

It is possible for Shorty to entertain your guests in almost any surroundings. Shorty likes to be challenged. In the past, he performed in theatres, on ships, in tramways, on the street and in living rooms.
Where can I see Shorty perform live?

Go to the download section on this website and you will find several short clips of his performances. If you prefer to meet him live, check out the "calendar" section and look out for "öffentliche Auftritte" (public performances).
Can I book Shorty through an event agency?

Yes, Shorty can be booked through several event agencies, here a few of his partners: Aareagentour, Bern; Ming Agentur, Zürich; Team-Events, Herzogenbuchsee; Showconnection; Musikerzentrale; Musikundshow and others.
I have a special request, what shall I do?

You can call Shorty to discuss what you have in mind. In most cases, Shorty can help. And if not, he can give you the name of a fellow friend and artist, this of course without asking for a commission.
Is Shorty's show suitable for children?

Yes, absolutely. Shorty's humour and magic is never "below the belt" and easily accessible and suitable for children. If you plan a special children's event or if you know that children will be watching the show, please let Shorty know when you book. He will then make his show even more chid-friendly.
Are there any hidden costs when booking?

The price agreed is always an all-inclusive offer. If there are any special arrangements between Shorty and the organizer, then these are clearly stated and part of the written contract. There are no hidden fees.
Do you need more than just one artist for your event?

No problem. Shorty is well networked with artists, comedians, funny waiters, other magicians and more. All these artists offer high quality acts! If you are looking for musicians, bands or DJs, Shorty will give you the details of a specialized agency that will take care of your needs.
Can I record the show on film or camera?

No, you are not allowed to film the show or parts thereof. If you plan to film your event, please contact Shorty beforehand and ask for his permission. You may take pictures during the event, but please do not use flash light during the show.


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